Custom Indexes

Create your own unique crypto investment strategies

If you're a Premium or Advanced user, you can get creative and design your own crypto indexes.


  • Private indexes are for your personal use only and are great for suiting your individual investment needs over time

  • Public indexes can be see in our Community Indexes section and used by other investors on Normal. Every time someone uses your public index, you get a kickback from the fee we collect from them

Revenue Share

Advanced users can create public indexes for others to use. If someone invests $1,000 using one of your public indexes, we collect a $5 fee from that user. We'll then send you 50% of this fee, so you get $2.50!

Over time, this revenue share can really add up, especially if you have a large audience or social network.

Invest together with your friends or community with Normal!

How to make a custom index

Use our guide to get started with your first custom index now.

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