Pricing breakdown for our crypto indexes

Every index investment includes a small fee for the time and exchange fee savings our indexes provide.

Fee tiers begin at 0.75% and scale down based on your monthly investment volume.

Fee Tiers

Monthly Investment VolumeFee

$0 - $100K


$100K - $500K


$500K - $1M




How are fees paid?

We collect index fees using Solana from your connected exchange account.

Once you incur at least $0.50 worth of fees, we will create a transfer of the appropriate amount of Solana from your account to our wallet. If you do not have enough Solana, we will automatically purchase the correct amount using USD/USDT from your account.

If you have insufficient funds for this purchase or the transfer fails for any other reason, your Normal account will be temporarily locked from making new investments until the issue is resolved.

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