How it works?

Under the hood of Normal Lending

TLDR: We help you lend your crypto to secure lending protocols on the blockchain that pay interest for the ability to borrow your funds.

We've partnered with the largest and most used crypto lending protocol called Uniswap.

They've processed over $1.7 trillion in trades and maintain billions in loans every single day.

Uniswap lets anyone from around the world swap (or trade) between different crypto assets.

This trading requires other people to lend their crypto to help facilitate each trade (otherwise known as market making).

By lending your crypto, you help these trades settle. In return, you receive part of the fees paid by the traders who borrowed your crypto. These fees add up over time and become the interest and APY your earn on your investments.

Explanation from our Founder

In the future, we plan to expand Normal Lending to use other forms of lending within the DeFi ecosystem.

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